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Our luxurious Japanese bidet products were created with innovation, sustainability and wellness in mind.

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heated seat

Four temperature settings providing the next level of comfort.

Automatic seat opening

Thanks to the motion sensor located under the porcelain bowl, the lid and/or seat will open when the user approaches.

Warm Air Drying

The gentle jet of air provides drying after washing to reduce the need for toilet paper. Four different temperature settings.

Rear Wash

Spray with four adjustable levels of pressure and temperature.

Oscillating Spray

For both rear wash and lady wash functions, the spray nozzle can be adjusted to oscillate back and forth, providing a soothing, massaging spray.

lady wash

Water spray ergonomically suited to the female anatomy. As per the rear wash, this also has adjustable water temperature and pressure.

Adjustable Angle

For both rear wash and lady wash functions, the position of the spray nozzle can be adjusted to change the angle of spray.

Join the Revolution

The average British toilet hasn’t changed a great deal since the days of Thomas Crapper. Washbot are now bringing the smart toilet revolution to the Great British Bathroom.

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