Washbot® is the new name in Smart Toilets.  These incorporate the traditional functions of a bidet in a modern toilet with many more smart features to boot.  Smart toilets are also known as bidet toilets, shower toilets and even Japanese toilets – did you know that the majority of homes in Japan have them!?

According to some reports, over 90% of households in Japan and South Korea have a smart toilet.  They are also very common in hotels and airports in many Asian countries.  In Europe, despite the prevalence of traditional bidets, they are still relatively uncommon.  The last year has seen a large rise in interest however, notably due to the importance of wellness and hygiene resulting from Covid-19.

The Washbot® combines a normal toilet with washing, drying, heated seat, night light, and for some models an automatically opening seat and lid.


The spray nozzle has many features.  There is a separate spray for the posterior, and for the female anatomy.   The oscillating function provides a soothing massaging effect.  The water pressure can be varied from a lighter to a more powerful jet, and the temperature of the water is also adjustable to up to 40 degrees.

Yes!  Say goodbye to cold toilet seats in the morning!   Heating elements hidden within the seat provide four easily adjustable temperature settings.

Both Wall-hung and Back-to-wall models require a wall mounted cistern - Washbot® is compatible with most standard models.   There is an extra water pipe feed required for the bidet functions but this is very simple to install with the T-valve provided.  The Washbot® will also require an electrical supply.   We recommend you check with a plumber and/or electrician if unsure.  Our installation instructions are easy to download, and we have installation and assembly videos on our Youtube channel!

No.  UK electricity regulations are quite strict.  In many countries you will see a socket next to the toilet but this is not allowed in the United Kingdom.   Please check our installation guide for more information. 

The warm air dryer has four different temperature settings to gently dry yourself after cleansing.  This will mostly eliminate the need for toilet paper, although some people still choose to use paper.

The Washbot® comes with a handy remote control that can easily be fixed on the wall to provide all functions at the touch of a finger.  For the more adventurous we even have an APP.  Should you have the misfortune to mislay the remote (yes we know it happens to us all), there are also buttons on the side of the seat.

If you do not have an existing wall cistern, then many bathroom furniture manufacturers offer back to wall and wall mounted WC units with hidden cisterns.  Alternatively, you can try our Kagami glass standing cistern for an ultra-modern look in your bathroom! 

We take quality and safety seriously.  The Washbot ® has been tested by SGS and adheres to the brand new UKCA certification (previously CE mark).   Washbot® has also been approved by KIWA Watertec in the UK and meets the requirements of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). 


Water is the most natural means of cleaning and is kinder to the skin than wiping with toilet paper.   Think of it this way, would you wipe your muddy hands clean with a dry paper towel, or wash them under the tap?   

Here at Washbot®, we definitely think it is!    Cleaning with water leaves you much cleaner than wiping with paper only, leaving no trace behind.  A hands free operation helps keep your hands clean too!

The Washbot® has a special children’s programme for a softer water jet, although we recommend children use under supervision.  Using a Washbot® can help the elderly be more independent.  As such they can also be we well suited for use in care homes.

Smart toilets are particularly suitable for people with skin irritation – gentle cleansing with water is more thorough and avoids the coarseness of toilet paper.   Cleansing with water can also help to alleviate symptoms such as haemorrhoids.


At Washbot® we want to say goodbye to toilet paper!  Some people still like to use a little paper as a supplement to the dryer, but we are confident your toilet paper usage will decrease enormously!

The consumption of electricity will vary depending on the amount of usage and number of people in the household and costs will vary according to your electricity provider.   In standby mode (economy mode), our Washbot® models consume less than one watt of energy. 

Depending on usage, an average Washbot®  cleansing cycle will use between 500ml to one litre of water.   However, put this into context with the amount of water used in the manufacture of toilet paper which is over 37 gallons (150 litres) per toilet roll and we think you will agree that this is quite a saving! Click here to learn more.

Toilet paper used in then UK is enough per year of the equivalent of seven million trees! Click here for more information.

Whilst using a Washbot® will lead to a slightly higher water and energy usage, we firmly believe this is more than offset by the savings made in paper consumption and the water and energy used during manufacture.

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