Millions of trees a year are cut down to turn into toilet paper.  11% of timber felled in the world is used to make paper – whilst paper is one of the most recycled materials in Europe, tissue paper is typically a single use product.    

The manufacture of toilet paper uses huge quantities of water. 

Every few months we hear of a new ‘fatberg’ clogging up the sewers.

Using a Washbot will help you contribute to the environment by greatly reducing the amount of toilet paper that is thrown away every day.   Rest assured, Washbot’s energy consumption and the additional water usage are both very low*.

Traces of Covid-19 have been found in the water systems of several major cities.  All Washbot models are equipped with fluid category 5 back-flow prevention device to prevent contamination and pollution into the public water supply.

*Energy consumption on standby mode is 1W.  Water usage for automated washing cycle is 500ml on lowest setting.

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